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Leads that are interested in iGaming (online casino, sports betting, online gambling) / Gaming (eSports, etc.) SEO Copywriting Serivices in German, Spanish, Italian, other languages (provided by Top Rated Plus SEO Copywriters)Plus

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I am Top Rated Plus iGaming SEO Copywriter specialized in content and copywriting services, specifically tailored to the iGaming and gaming industries, with expertise in SEO copywriting and localizing content across English, German, and Russian. As a Top Rated Plus German copywriter and SEO professional, I offer comprehensive content solutions that enhance online visibility and engagement. Additionally, I bring a strong background in programming (certified), and affiliate marketing.

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portfolio: example of my SEO copywriting in WordPress: service description on my website: My skill set includes: 👑 iGaming ♕ SEO Reviews and any iGaming content in German about online casinos, 🎰 slots, 🎲 table games, 💸 payment options, 🤑 gambling, ⚽ sports betting & 🏇🏿 bookmakers, and similar. 🏅 Localization of iGaming content in English to German for 🖥️ websites, 💰 slot rules & descriptions, 📧 e-mail templates, 📲 mobile apps, and similar. I have an excellent command of German and English iGaming terminology. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 📚Content Marketing 📄 Writing, translating, editing, and proofreading content in German, English, and Russian 📝 SEO copywriting of German articles, link building, product & book reviews 👻 Ghostwriting E-Books in German 💌 E-Mail Campaigns ✍ Scriptwriting (Social Media Ads, Video scripts) 🔡 Translations & Localizations 🛠️ Technical translations and localizations of apps, websites, and SEO content (IT, Tech, Inbound & Outbound Marketing) 😎 Virtual communication 🌎 International business communication, translations, and live interpretations (English, German, Russian languages) ✔ and similar 🔍 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 🎯 On-Page SEO 📈 Off-Page SEO 📊 SEO automation for years (the best SEO for blog posts to rank first on google) ▶️ YouTube SEO 🤖 AI Prompt Engineering Expertise 🔍 Expertise in Generative AI Systems Advanced proficiency in prompt engineering for AI systems like ChatGPT, ensuring high-quality, tailored responses. Demonstrated ability to guide large language models in executing complex tasks effectively. ✍️ Skilled Prompt Crafting Excel in creating sophisticated and effective prompts that enhance AI response quality and relevance. Employ proven principles and innovative templates to fully harness the capabilities of AI systems. 🗨️ Dynamic AI Interaction Adept at engaging in interactive, nuanced dialogues with AI, unlocking its full reasoning and creative potential. Experience in managing context-aware AI conversations, ensuring meaningful and accurate exchanges. 🛠️ AI-Driven Problem Solving Innovatively integrate AI into diverse workflows, automating tasks, and streamlining problem-solving processes. Utilize AI to elevate productivity and devise creative solutions for complex challenges. 🧠 Enhancing Human Intelligence with AI Specialize in employing prompt engineering to augment human intelligence and creativity. Blend human expertise with AI's computational power to achieve superior outcomes.

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